Macau Night Life – Guide you to experience the most special night life(Macau Massage & Sauna) of Macau

Hi there, we are Macau Lao Si Ji. Lao Si Ji lives in Macau more than 20 years, and as a tour guide for all the time, if you come to visit Macau, there are so much fun you might miss by travelling alone. Contact us, let us show you how amazing a small city like Macau can be, and you will find what is the greatest service in Macau.

Macau is the heaven of Asia, one cannot deny that Macau is small but having almost everything. The living in Macau is a living that you cannot experience the same in anywhere. Visiting Macau, you must experience the most special Macau night life, including Macau Sauna(Macau Bath), Asia / International Adult Show, and the long-lasting night club.

The way to enjoy Macau night might not be applicable for all of us. But least you could do and you should do, is to let yourself have a chance to experience it! So Contact us (WeChat:amlsjsn), we will drive you there(only MOP 100) and introduce you more about it! Contact us for the Details, we won’t let you down!


With the imperial palace-like creation, elegant environment and intimate space, the interior design uses the unique and clever use of materials to present a special style of blending Chinese and Western cultures. Top ten themed spa rooms: doctor room, SM room, anime room theme room, bridal room, boxing room, pharaoh royal room, mixed war room, camping room, chess room, dressing room.

Familia Nobre Sauna 

The equipment is fairly complete. Perhaps there is no other sauna decoration, but the giant sauna hall has hundreds of private rooms, the room is fully furnished, the rooms are far apart, the space is spacious and comfortable, so you can enjoy the delicate sauna massage in private.

Macau Playmate’s Club

Like to warm up before you start, you can go to the Macau Playmate’s Club to see live show, the spacious stage area, the middle of the round bar bar is the performance stage, and the stage is also surrounded by comfortable box sofas. At the beginning of the performance, the hot dancers staged a sexy pole dance on the table, and the sound and light effects were fascinating. The bar in the club offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages, so visitors can enjoy a refreshing show while enjoying a drink.

Above are 3 of the most popular Sauna or Night Club of Macau. There are plenty of details which we could not show here but you will have a basic idea of it!

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Macau Lao Si Ji will drive you to the club or the show once you need it(only MOP 100), we have lots of them to introduce, with the secret way of how to enjoy the massage / sauna / show. Do not hestitate, contact us on WeChat(amlsjsn) or scan the QR code on the left!

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